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greetings all.  time for another installment.  everything is going to shit.

i didnt even document all the times the fish died in this gen but it was a Lot

baby birthday

bam plant baby

just kidding
child forlorn

forlorns last name was syreni, which made me realize that these two werent married lmao

she said yes

honestly u dont have to look so relieved it was p much a sure thing

tie the knot real quick

also i accidentally deleted vestolles hair oops

vespertine summoned her spectral helper and thought it was a fuckin riot

she got struck by lightening and i FUCKING MISSED IT

considering what happened to ur wife when last time she was out in the rain, are u sure u wanna risk it?

send em to davy jones locker or whatever


another boy, pompeii

also forlorn grows

and so does pompeii

that is an unfortunate location for a plant

toddler pompeii

and child forlorn

gets first pick of the beds in the kid room
i personally would have picked the one by the window but whatever

here is a cap i took to showcase this evil lamp that verpsertine made.  marvel at it.

one more birth

found these two twin dogs outside


they were still there in the mornig so vesp decided to play fetch

too little too late to catch the pop

i s2g everyone is obsessed w the synth

he must sprout

a baby bat holding an even smaller baby bat

just kidding fuck that bat

not bad?
idk i feel like these kids arent up to my usual legacy standards but oh well

fuck em up with a baseball

also it was twins
a girl, asenath and a boy zenith

dont look so worried hobby lady

vest made pompeii practice with her so much he fell asleep and she didnt even notice

and ill end this update with the twins ageing up

zenith is....... interesting

and asenath is easily the best looking kid this gen lmao
i was reading our rules and it said only the first 3 kids r eligible for heir and techinally she was born 4th so im gonna disregard that rule if its cool w all of yall lmao
ok bye


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Feb. 17th, 2016 02:17 pm (UTC)
yes asenath. shes got resting im-done-with-this-shit face. cutie!
haha at all the plant babies.
Feb. 18th, 2016 01:06 am (UTC)
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